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Adolescent and Food Allergy Questionnaire



Thank you for taking a few minutes to help us gather information so we can get a  better understanding of food allergy issues for middle school and high school students. The survey only takes only a few minutes to complete and you do not need to have food allergies yourself to participate. We sincerely appreciate your time and your response will go far to help us succeed in our mission to educate kids about food allergies.


We are conducting a survey on adolescents and food allergies.


Food allergies typically occur in infancy, and although some people are able to grow out of their allergies, some people have them for a much longer time. For food allergy sufferers, the understanding and support of friends can be a great help to avoid cases of accidental ingestion.


To help raise awareness,  we are continuing to educate and inform junior high and high school students on issues surrounding food allergies. However, there have not been many food allergy surveys conducted on classmates who do not have food allergies, or on junior and senior high school students themselves.


In this survey, we would like to ask you to give us your honest opinions about your experiences and thoughts at school events and when eating out.


Please note that your answers to the questionnaire will not identify you personally. The results of this survey will be delivered to medical professionals and government officials through relevant academic societies and will also be used to raise awareness of food allergies among junior and senior high school students. We would like to ask for the cooperation of as many people as possible.



1st year junior high school students to 20 year olds (regardless of whether they have food allergies or not) 

実施期間Survey Period


October 9, 2021 - October 30, 2021

回答所要時間 |Response time


3 to 10 minutes


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