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~Introduction of allergy labeling in Japan~




It is our great pleasure to publish this Food Allergy SupportBook. We would like our children to never give up their dream of traveling abroad due to a food allergy. Every child deservesan equal chance to see the world, even if he/she has a food allergy. We would similarly hope that people, who are traveling to Japan with food allergies, enjoy deliciousJapanese dishes. This book is written in both Japanese and English to provide support.

These pages are colored in Japanese traditional tones. We hope Japanese children traveling abroad will spread the beauty of Japanese tradition and culture, and travelers from all over the world will come to know the colorful and rich seasons of Japan.

Wishing all travelers a wonderful stay.

NPO peer-support

1. How to get a “Food Allergy Support Book”


You can free download the PDF.file.

Or fill purchase format. (Japanese only. / Ships only to Japan.)


食物アレルギーサポートブックの著作権は、NPO法人ピアサポートF.A.cafeに帰属し、いかなる無断転載、または営利を目的としたコピー、 複製を禁じます。コピーによる利用は、医療機関から必要としている患者さんへの配布、患者さん自身の海外経験を目的とした活用、学校教育、 家庭での学習などでの利用に限ります。

2. This booklet is based on the food labeling standard of Consumer Affairs Agency,

Government of Japanw to get a “Food Allergy Support Book”


For more information about food labeling in Japan, go to :

3. Allergic indication duty is only on packaged food 3. Allergic indication duty is only on packaged food


The law of the allergic indication was revised in 2015. Until March 2020, the product of the old notation may be mixed in too. Read the indication with caution.

4. Labeling mandatory / Labeling recommended


In Japan, there are 7 labeling mandatory , and 20 labeling recommended for packaged food.

Click here for details:

Also see page 3-4 of the “Food Allergy Support Book”.

​※ Don’t assume that the same products manufactured in other countries will contain the exactsame ingredients.

※ Alcoholic beverages do not have the indication duty. (Even if specified ingredients were used.)

   Refer to the origins of production, sale and import.

5. Eating out and store sale products do not have the indication duty


Even if it is a meal and a menu in consideration for food allergies, we will know that it is the voluntary correspondence of the shop / restaurant.

Reference site  参考サイト

消費者庁 食品表示法等
消費者庁 食品表示英語サイト

環境再生保全機構 すこやかライフ 46 号(2015 年 9 月)「加工食品のアレルギー表示が変わりました」



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